A Slice of Hope creates moments of joy in homeless shelters/kitchens/missions through pizza parties with live music. For just $1, you can sponsor 2 slices and live music and create joy and optimism for a person in need.

Picture the pizza parties with stacks of hot, fresh pizzas rolling in, music playing in the shelters and cheers, laughter and smiles all throughout the shelter! A Slice of Hope throws parties for 1 week every June. But only with your help: Please donate! Even $1 makes a direct difference! See a video of our pizza parties.

A Slice of Hope began in 2007 in New York City. It was initially called Pizza for the Homeless. The following year, we changed the name to Pizza for the Hungry and expanded to 4 states. In 2009, we expanded to 13 states. From 2010 onwards, we expanded to 25 states. In 2011, we began to be called A Slice of Hope. 2012 has seen a new logo, a new website and an even more energized donor and supporter base.

A Slice of Hope is a project of non-profit eyeBLINK. Founded in 2003, eyeBLINK is a multicultural not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization committed to shattering stereotypes and promoting social change through theatre, dance, and special events.