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A Slice of Hope spreads Joy and Optimism across America.

A Slice of Hope is about energizing the mind, body and spirit and bringing a sense of Renewal and Empowerment in donors as well as recipients.​

Currently, we do this by throwing Pizza Parties with Live Music. We feed the body with Pizza. We feed the spirit with Live Music. We feed the mind with a happy moment and a happy memory. When people are reminded of happier times, it gives us the strength to fight on. It reminds us that life can get better. One happy moment can change a life.​

A Slice of Hope energizes our donors. Our donors make a direct difference for a person in need. Just $1 sponsors 2 pizza slices and live music directly making 1 person’s life better. We combine that $1 with all the dollars from across the country allowing our donors to create tens of thousands of happy moments all across the country. We give our donors the satisfaction of making a direct difference.​

A Slice of Hope shines a spotlight on the great work that homeless shelters do 365/24/7. We hope to help increase donations to all the shelters and food banks as well.​

Together, we can fight to end the cycle of homelessness and hopelessness! Join Us!

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