"Share a Slice of Hope” with your community with a fundraiser.

Here are some ideas:
  • Throw a weeklong fundraiser in your pizza restaurant or business.
    Participating pizzerias can create and post flyers asking customers for donations to A Slice of Hope. The flyer should have both our logo, PMQ Pizza Magazine's logo, and your store’s logo on it. All donations will be used to help A Slice of Hope grow and reach more people than ever before.
  • Donate a portion of your sales for 1 week to A Slice of Hope.
    You can increase the impact of your fundraiser and lead the way for your customers to donate by donating a portion of your sales for one week to A Slice of Hope. You can donate 10%, 20%, or 30% of your sales for the week. On your flyers, you should advertise your donation as well so that customers know that a portion of their purchase for the week will help A Slice of Hope. Your donation will be tax-deductible.

This program will create goodwill for the pizzeria in your local community as well as increase sales.

Make your Slice of Hope event a success. Use the information below to advertise your party by making flyers, a press release, social media posts, and more!

Download high resolution versions of Slice of Hope's logo as well as our collaborator PMQ Pizza Magazine's logo:

Local media are interested in community events for various causes. Let them know about your plans for Slice of Hope. Below is a changeable press release for you to customize for your specific event. Download the Slice of Hope local media press release template below:

Slice of Hope Press Release

Buy specially designed, discounted t-shirts for you and your staff to wear during Share a Slice of Hope Week. This is one more way to raise your customers' awareness of the good that you are doing in your community. Click below to purchase.

Download a high resolution version of Slice of Hope's flyer to help in your fundraiser.

Click the link to download easy set-up instructions.
Crowdrise instructions
Crowdrise Instructions (PDF version)